Those 5 portable electric blenders are the best-2023

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Nowadays, the portable electric blender has been popular as juicer and smoothie maker to everybody, especially to them who are travelers. And the popularity of portable electric blender is increasing day by day rapidly.

It is noticed that most of the portable electric blenders are beautiful to look at. Most of the people like to buy this kind of portable electric blender due to its elegant design and color.

In this article, some best portable electric blenders with elegant design and color have been presented which are not only elegant to look at but also their performance is really outstanding.

Juices are very popular now because they are healthy and suitable for eating fruits and vegetables. Even if you don’t like fruits and vegetables, you can mix them with other ingredients in a smoothie. This is a healthy and delicious way to get all the benefits from fruits and vegetables.

Nowadays, making juice of any fruit is no longer difficult even if you are on a long journey. Because, to make this difficult task easy, different kitchen appliance producers have come with several models of portable electric blenders that can help you in this regard a lot. With these portable blenders, you can blend all the food together, just to get your favorite fruit juice. And you can take it with you in the same cup.

These blender cup blenders can reduce different cookware costs like cleaning time and overall maintenance costs. With any of the following portable electric blenders, making fruit juice is easier and healthy than ever.

Before buying the best portable electric blender the things that should be considered have been mentioned in this article.

The guidelines for buying portable electric blender

1. Design and Types

Portable blenders come in various designs and sizes. The decent design is comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean. countertop blenders can be used for one or more purposes. Hand blenders are cheaper and more compact for the smallest tasks.

Traditional blenders are designed for heavier tasks. Traveling is not recommended due to the larger size and cans.

The countertop portable blenders are light in weight, with a  motor, and can stir up to 2 standard glass sizes. These are powerful countertop blenders that are suitable for blending at multiple speeds. They are more expensive than regular countertop blenders and are available in wired and wireless versions.

For hand blenders or magic wand blenders, they can be used as multifunctional machines to perform all tasks. By connecting a compatible knife to the docking station, you can replace it with a blender, food processor, and whisker. They can be wired or wireless, and have multiple mixed speed modes. Hand blenders are expensive because they perform multiple tasks in one chamber, are easy to clean, and take up less space.

2. Price Factor

The price of an ordinary portable blender is between $40 and $70, and each additional accessory increases the base price. The included jars, motor speed, size, and weight increase the price range of the portable blender. The most expensive products come with high-speed brushless motors, lifetime support, and a warranty. Its multiple jars and blades are equipped for  a variety of applications, These types of blenders are made of high-end quality material so that foods can be blended perfectly and swiftly

3. Blending options

A good blender should have a variety of blending manners, powerful functions, and portability. It can chop anything from fruits to nuts to vegetables, make smoothies, or can crush ice as well.

The best portable blenders can provide customers with various blending options like included accessories, multiple blades, and different cups to pour more liquid food into the plate so that not a single drop of blended food can be wasted.

The best machines are multifunctional compact machines with multiple mixing functions. Its dynamic blades are most suitable for soups, smoothies, chopping nuts, ice, and juices.

4. Motor Speed

The power of a portable blender depends on its motor speed and RPMs. The motor power directly depends on the size of the blender. Blender with a larger container requires higher strength and vice versa. The portable blender with a built-in battery has a slightly smaller motor that does not need to connect to an AC power outlet.

A portable blender with dual power is more powerful. The wired version of the hand blender is usually available in 400W to 800W and can easily and perfectly blend everything. The cordless or low-power high-speed version is perfect for making instant smoothies, soups, and vegetable juices.

Cordless blender machines are widely used by holidaymakers. They are also popular due to their easily charging capability. They can be charged by a USB port connected to any laptop. You should choose such a  portable blender that has multiple motor speed settings. If necessary, it is best to use pulse mode to quickly shut down.

5. Jar size

The choice of portable blender depends on the size and weight of the water tank. These types of the blender are easier to carry. Manufacturers often limit the size of the container in a standard size to make it compatible for traveling.

If the jar is large, a hefty base is required that is consists of a complex circuit and a more powerful engine. Additional anything inside the blender increases the weight of the blender and loses its shape. And it also loses the purpose of portability in tour.

The capacity and size range from 20 to 64 ounces are perfect for portability. Larger blenders are not the best choice for travel.

To pack the jar in a travel bag, the height and width of the jar must not exceed its standard limit. In addition, its compactness is a guarantee for worry-free travel. A 2 cup blender is more than enough for travel.

To be ideal portable electric blenders, the features that should exist in a blender most of those are seen in the following blenders.

5 portable electric blenders that may make your journey pleasant

1.Ckeyin portable blender– portable electric blender bottle


Image credit: Amazon

They (Ckeyin personal blender) include 6 stainless steel (SS) blades for cutting vegetables and fruits into blended mixture. Its small blender cup can be disassembled for cleaning and drinking, and the whole engine has got a double-click safety function. Press its start button twice to start the machine so that you don’t click it accidentally and spray the smoothie anywhere (wherever you are).

It also has a portable cap that is easy to install, so that you are able to take this Ckeyin mini portable blender tool with you easily and drink all day.


  • The blade speed of this Ckeyin blender is powerful.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Double-click safety function.


  • Not easy to break ice. Please use crushed ice or small cubes instead.

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2. Tenswall portable blender


Image credit: Amazon

With the push of a knob, this Tenswall mini portable blender tool can easily mix fruits and vegetables. The capacity of this Tenswall personal blender is 380ml which is small in size enough to be kept in most of the small bags.

It is made of food-grade materials like non-toxic and environmentally friendly plastics and is BPA-free completely. It has six mixing blades and runs at a high speed of 22,000, which is enough to crush frozen fruits, ice, and frozen vegetables.

It(Tenswall personal size portable blender) can be charged via USB within a short time and 12 blending batch can be enjoyed with a single charge.


  • Small enough
  • Can be kept in most of the small bags
  • This Tenswall portable blender manual has been made of food-grade material
  • BPA-free
  • Even ice and frozen foods can be crushed
  • It charges via the USB port within a short time
  • With a single charge, this blender can be used 12 times to blend foods


  • Small size
  • Easy to carry, but cannot handle large amounts of liquid.

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3. G-ting portable blender-Best electric portable blender


Image credit: Amazon

It(g ting blender) has one display screen where you are able to see the mixing speed of your blender. It(G-ting portable blender manual) has been made of BPA-free elements.

The stainless steel (SS) blade is driven by an electric motor at a speed of 16,500 rpm and only opens when the container is connected to its base. There is no possibility to be injured during cleaning.

After removing the base of the blender, this G-ting personal smoothies blender cordless will turn into a blender bottle with a lid, and it can be charged within 2 hours and this charge lasts for 20 blends.


  • It charges fast.
  • Blade safety function
  • It has own specialized designs


  • Not suitable for hot drinks.

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4. Diwenhouse portable blender


Image credit: Amazon

It has one 480 ml juice cup which is made of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass does not contain BPA, is approved by FDA, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. This is the safest choice for making baby food or juice.

At 25,000 rpm, the engine can blend your fruit and vegetables without wasting any nutrients, so you can be sure that you and your beloved baby are eating balanced nutrition as needed.


  • Harmless for children
  • It blends fast.
  • Large size.
  • It has come with a useful steel straw


  • There is no drinking hole in the lid, and the lid must be unscrewed.

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5. USB electric safety juicer cup, fruit juice mixer


Image credit: Amazon

How easy life becomes when you can make smoothies anytime, anywhere. Imagine you are driving and want to drink a fresh smoothie. Just add the required ingredients and turn on the blender to get a nutritious smoothie. The same goes for training in the gym. After exercising, you can nourish for your muscles with a protein-rich smoothie without spending a minute.

This little beauty can be taken anywhere. It is so compact and light. Its charged battery works for a long time. You can prepare 30 to 40 jugs of blended foods per day, yet you will get some energy for next week. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about its battery. In addition, it is also equipped with a USB charging function. Any type of juices can be prepared anywhere, anytime without any hassle. You can connect the strainer to the blender to remove the pulp.

Cleaning is very simple as every part can be detached easily. It is not difficult to hold. The handle is very comfortable to use even if it gets wet. The product also has many other powerful functions. It can be used to make baby food, juices, and smoothies. This blender also can be used as a water bottle, so it can be used for drinking water.

Another amazing feature of this blender is its water resistance. The water does not stick to the blender. This is a very affordable blender machine. If you buy this product, your money will not be spent in vain. At this price, you can get many features.


  • Excellent battery life
  • It is not difficult to use
  • This tool can be cleaned easily
  • It is comfortable to carry
  • Reasonable price


  • Not suitable for large family
  • It has come with limited color options

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best personal blender on the market?

Bella rocket extract pro personal blender is the best portable blender. It is light, compact, and equipped with various accessories which make it the best personal and portable blender.

2. What is the best blender for crushing ice?

Magic bullet personal blender is the fastest icebreaker blender. It is equipped with a high-speed motor and sharp blades and is powerful enough to crush ice to a specific size.

3. What’s the best personal blender for smoothies?

Magic bullet mini cup size can make a smoothie in 10 seconds. It has a small container and a powerful motor that can maintain full speed. The juice can be mixed and prepared immediately.

4. What is a good wattage for a blender?

Small blenders work well between 100 and 300 watts. In general, regular blender containers with 48oz and higher sizes require a motor base of 500W or higher.

5. What is the best affordable blender for smoothies?

The Bella rocket blender 12 piece set is considered as the best affordable blender for smoothies. Compared with the best brands with a large number of accessories, it costs less than half.

6. What is the best blender for protein shakes?

When using the BELLA blender, you can maintain the highest level of nutrition in your protein shake as per your demand. In this context, BELLA is the best blender for protein shakes. It should be mentioned here that its all containers are BPA-free.

7. What is the highest watt blender?

The Ninja BL486 is the most powerful personal blender on the list. This multifunctional blender is a full-time smoothie machine and part-time ice crusher. There are 2 ordinary containers with a total power of 1000W.

This multifunctional blender can be used as a full-time smoothie machine and also can be used as a part-time ice crusher. It has been equipped with 2 ordinary containers and a motor of 1000W.


When buying a portable electric blender, be sure to read all user reviews before making a decision. Try to select such a product that has a large number of positive customer reviews with a higher rating (4+ stars out of 5 stars). You also should need to pay attention on price and quality of your desired product. Most sellers offer the same price or almost similar features. To overcome this problem and to get the best one, you may rely on any renowned virtual buying guide site. Also, buy branded products. Don’t always buy blenders without a guarantee.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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