How to use a ninja blender in various purposes? Review, 2023

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If you like to buy Ninja blender and you are thinking that how to use a ninja blender then you are not single who is thinking so.

Since a lot of gadgets like blenders are released every day then it is a bit difficult to know how to use those gadgets indeed.

Ninja Blender is a powerful blender made of the high-quality elements, but how is it different from other blenders in the market? You should know it if you really like to buy it.

Today, we will discuss the use of Ninja Blender, the different ways to have it worked, and also tell you what made it unique.

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What is the ninja or ninja blender?

Use of top three most common ninja blenders​​

  1. Ninja Blender Duo
  2. Nutri Ninja Blender
  3. Ninja Prep Master Blender

Here are some tips about- how to use a ninja blender in different purposes

  1. How can a ninja blender be used as a juicer?
  2. Use of ninja blender machine like a food processor

Cleaning tips of Ninja Blender

  1. Can I wash it in a dishwasher?
  2. Blend with water to clean it!
  3. Can I wash it by my own hand?


  1. Is the Ninja Blender pricey?
  2. Can we use Ninja Blender for grating cheese?
  3. How long can Ninja Blender last?


What is the ninja or ninja blender?

Those who are involved in this arena know that what does it mean by Ninja? Yes, in the kitchen appliance market, Ninja is known as ninja blenders.  Like other blenders machine in the market, ninja blenders are also used to prepare a variety of several foods and beverages.

Ninja Blender became popular quickly just after its release in the 2010s.

There are several different models of these mixers. Some of them are small for holding a smoothie; on the other hand- others are larger enough to prepare a large volume of blended foods at a time.

They have come with different prices and are power as well.

Depending on the model available in the market, Ninja Blenders are equipped with various functions.

One of the best useful functions is to smash and crush ice cubes.

Ninja Blender is the most commonly used tool for enthusiasts who want to keep themselves fit; in fact, this is why gadgets are so successful.

In short, the Ninja Blender machine is a well-known kitchen blender.

It is being used by ordinary consumers and professional bakers and chefs.

Ninja Blender had been founded in Massachusetts in the early 2000s by Shark and Ninja.

Today, it is an electric blender which will be found in a lot of homes and can be used for many purposes.​​

Use of top three most common ninja blenders

Since there are various Ninja Blenders in the market, we will discuss here how to use the best popular models according to their different features.

Whether you are buying online, buying from a store, or buying second-hand, there are important instruction manuals to simplify this procedure as much as possible.

1. Ninja Blender Duo- Nutri ninja personal and countertop blender – bl642


Image credit: Amazon

Nutri ninja bl642 is a good model for individuals who only need a small amount of food or drink.

First, make sure that the base has been closed properly, and then plug the ninja bl642 duo with auto iq blender in again.

Then, you need to make the open end of the Ninja blender mug face ceiled.

Then, fill in all the ingredients and any liquids.

There is one largest liquid mark on the mug so that this line is not crossed while pouring any liquid.

After putting all the ingredients into the cup, you need to remove the Pro Extractor blades.

Screw the Ninja blender bl642 onto the mug tightly.

It is important to remember that its blade is smaller than any normal blender, the blade is not so sharp and hazardous.

And then you have to open the Ninja Blender (Ninja duo auto iq bl642 blender) mug and turn the cup upside down.

Align the tabs on the mug with the tabs on the engine base and push down on the cup.

While holding down, rotate the cup clockwise until a click sound is heard to indicate that the mug has been locked and loaded.

And then, you will need to push the power button and you will see a steady red light when you are prepared to use it.

Mix as usual and stop while the task is finished.

Rotate the cup counterclockwise and then lift it for retrieving the cup.

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2. Nutri Ninja Blender- Nutri ninja bl456


Image credit: Amazon

The Ninja bl456 Nutri pro compact personal blender machine is very similar to Duo, you just need to pick up any size of ninja cup.

The mug of Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender comes in many sizes, including 16 and 24 ounces as well.

Just like a ninja duo (Nutri ninja pro blender bl456), add all condiments to a cup to make a smoothie or soup.

You can add ice cubes and liquid as well if needed.

And then take Pro Extractor blades and place that on the mug to lock it (Ninja pro compact personal blender) in the right place.

Then you need to align the tabs of the mug with the tabs on the base of the motor.

The engine base of Ninja Nutri pro compact personal blender bl456 is completely different from other Ninja Blenders engine bases.

You will not find various buttons or mixing options.

After aligning the tabs, just turn the mug clockwise for locking it on the base.

And then, press the cup directly down for starting the mixing process.

You may do this till you see the liquid consistency you want.

When you are done, turn counterclockwise, remove the blade, and enjoy the work done!

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3. Ninja Prep Master Blender- ninja master prep qb900b


Image credit: Amazon

Ninja qb900b master prep blender is one of the best kitchen appliances that you can find in the market.

The major part of the engine(Ninja 400-watt blender/food processor for frozen blending chopper) is called Master Pod, that is actually an engine base which can be installed on the top of multiple different containers.

You may use Ninja master qb900b along with a blender or prep bowl.

Whatever you like to use the container, first of all, make sure that the blade has been firmly placed, and then you can add the ingredients.

Pay attention to the maximum fill line for reducing the possibility of confusion, and then you can place the rubber cap on it.

Align the Master Pod along with the keyway on the container lid.

You can start blending by pushing the big silver switch on the Master Pod.

In order to stop, just press down on top.

Ninja blender qb900b is very good because all parts can be easily disassembled, so it can be cleaned quickly.

Therefore, You don’t have to be worried whether fruits have been got stuck in small gaps, which can reduce the chance of bacteria accumulation and make the blender safe to use for long periods.

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Here are some tips about- how to use a ninja blender in different purposes

1. How can a ninja blender be used as a juicer?

If you have ever owned a conventional juicer, then you may know the pain of using a juicer.

Not only that, but they are also difficult to clean.

Thank a lot to the producer of Ninja Blender since we can use the Ninja Blender machine as a juicer.

How is this possible?

Well, you need to insert all the condiments like fruits and vegetables that you want to prepare juice, and then mix those in a blender-like smoothie.

The main difference is that you cannot add any liquid or ice.

It is able to make the procedure of adding water easier, but the final product would be diluted.

After mixing all fruits and vegetables, you need to put them in a sieve.

Place the sieve on the pitcher or large bowl.

Then you can use a spatula or clean hands to press the mixed fruit and vegetable mixture.

Eventually, this will squeeze the natural juice into the container.

This is a time-consuming method of obtaining juice, but it is possible.

In addition, the blender is easy to clean, and you can use the pulp to make fruit sticks!

2. Can I use my ninja blender as a food processor?

Using the Ninja Blender as a food processor is much easier than you think, and is very similar to using it as a juicer.

For starters, the Ninja Blender that you use is very important.

If you are using Ninja Prep Master Blender, you may skip this part completely because it turns the machine into everything that you need for a good food processor.

If we have other models, then we need to put single condiments in the blender first.

You can simplify this process by slicing the carrots in half or dicing small onions, but this is not required.

Make sure to add only one ingredient at a time but do not mix vegetables and fruits.

After adding the ingredients, simply pulse the blender.

Don’t use the blender in mixing mode all the time, because this can turn the condiments into  pulp instead of cutting into thin slices.

Press twice at a time to check the condition of the vegetables, and then remove them as needed.

Hope that by reading the above tips on- how to use ninja blender in several purposes, you may get a clear idea in this regard.

When you need to know about -how to use the ninja blender in different purposes then you must know about the cleaning procedures of this appliance as well which have been presented below for your convenience.

Cleaning tips of Ninja Blender

When considering cleaning the blender, please consider taking apart all the parts from each other and scrubbing every piece carefully.

Although it is one method to achieve this, there are simpler other ways to achieve this as well.

These processes can also be applied in any Ninja Blender.

1. Can I wash my ninja blender in the dishwasher?

Yes, you will be able to wash the blender machine in the dishwasher!

They are all BPA-free that can be washed in the dishwasher.

In order to clean this appliance using this process, try to be sure to unplug the power supply from the engine base first.

Remove the cover and carefully remove the blade.

It is important that the pot, blade, and lid must be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher.

If you want to clean the engine base, then use a sponge or towel.

Just take soapy water and wash the base by hand.

Before use, do not immerse the entire engine base in water, before use, please wait till the blender is completely dry.

2. Clean by rotating the blades with water

Another popular way to clean Ninja Blender is to allow it to do the work for you!

To do this, remove the cap and pour all other items inside.

Fill ¾ of the pitcher with room temperature water.

Add a few drops of detergent to the blender after completion of this task.

Tighten the lid and place the blender on the engine base.

Press the “pulse” switch over and over till this kitchen appliance is clean.

After that, make sure that the engine base has been unplugged from electric power.

Remove the cap to drain out the dirty water, and then rinse the jug and lid properly.

Wait to dry, and then use the blender again.

If it is still very dirty, add a couple of drops of white vinegar and some water to the kitchen appliance (blender), then again blend and rinse thoroughly.

3. How do I clean my ninja blender?

Sure, you can clean Ninja Blender manually.

To achieve the goal, try to be sure that the engine base has been unplugged from electric power.

Then, you must remove the cover.

And then, remove the blades from the jug carefully.

A lot of models of Ninja blenders are available in markets, it is seen that most of the blades of those models are located on the lids.

Add a few drops of dish detergent with little warm water in a washcloth.

Try to keep the towel folded at least once to ensure that fingers and hands are protected from sharp blades.

Clean every piece of blender carefully and let it dry before use.====


1. Is the Ninja Blender pricey?

How much consumers like to spend, from that sense Ninja Blender is in the middle.

Although you can save money and buy the cheapest blender out of different blenders, please think once before going to buy a blender for the money.

The blade on the ninja blender is durable, and the cup and motor base are made of high-quality materials.

With Ninja Blenders, you only pay for quality, not quantity.

2. Can you use a blender to grate cheese?

If you don’t have a cheese grater around you, you can use Ninja Blender instead.

You may not get traditional grated cheese from this appliance. But it is not so bad and it is workable!

3. How long do ninja blenders last?

It depends on how often you use the machine. All Ninja Blenders come with a one-year warranty.

If Ninja Blender is properly cleaned and stored properly after each use, it can be used for several years.


The Ninja Blender is an amazing kitchen gadget. They can quickly mix fruit juice or puree food for babies.

Now that you know how to use Ninja Blender as a food processor and juicer, it is time to figure out what you are going to do with this kitchen appliance.

If you buy it, you don’t need to buy other equipment, thus saving money is possible.

There are several different models of Ninja Blenders on the market. Do some research to find out which is best for you. They are easy to clean and even easier to use, which almost everyone should have one at their home!

By reading the article you may have a clear idea by this time about – how to use a ninja blender properly and in which fields this kitchen appliance could be used as well. If this article is useful for you then don’t forget to share it on different social media.

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