4 Best Hamilton Beach Immersion Blender Review 2023

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Hamilton beach immersion blender review on the 4 best models may help you a lot in choosing the right model for particular purposes. As a brand, Hamilton has achieved a lot of reputation all over the world. That is why the demand of the Hamilton product is skyscraping. In the kitchen appliance world, the position of the Hamilton brand can not be ignored easily in the near future. It is playing a vital role in the kitchen appliance market successfully. 

An immersion blender machine is known as a handheld kitchen appliance that is able to whip, blend and puree the foodstuffs as well. The immersion blender looks like a wand having a long arm which has been equipped with blending blades at the end. 

This useful appliance can be used for preparing different blended foodstuffs like smoothies, mixed drinks, and sauces. In general, additional jars are not provided along with these kinds of blender machines. But the immersion blenders can be used directly in any container as needed.

Immersion blenders are simple to look at. In general, they come with power buttons and different speed buttons so that speed can be controlled as per requirements. These types of tools are found in corded and cordless or cordless conditions. But, you should know that cordless immersion blenders should be charged after each use.

Some hand blender machines come with longer arms which allow you to complete the blending tasks safely and easily. Most of the experts recommend to buy an immersion blender with a detachable arm that can be cleaned easily and can be washed in a dishwasher machine as well.

As per existing data, it can be said that higher-priced hand blender machines are heavier and they are equipped with sharper blades, and can complete the blending tasks quickly with smooth texture.

In general, different types of attachment are given with immersion blender machines like whisk and milk frother. Sometimes beakers, juicers, and chopper attachments are also given with this type of kitchen appliance.

Till now released immersion blenders by Hamilton brand are not the same in quality. Just to help you to find the best ones, this   Hamilton beach immersion blender review on the 4 best models has been presented on this site.

4 best Hamilton beach immersion blender review 

1. Hamilton Beach Commercial BigRig™ Immersion Blender 


Image Credit: Amazon

This BigRig 12 is a Hamilton Beach HMI012 model “Perfect for heavy-duty tasks like pureeing sauces or blending the soup, an immersion blender with a speed dial is the ideal kitchen appliance. This immersion blender has a changeable speed dial, so you can fine-tune it to your specific recipes. For one thing, you’ll know exactly how the blender is doing right away because of the color-coded light. The versatility of an immersion blender is demonstrated in a wide range of recipes, from strawberries and cream to vinaigrette salad dressing.

The powerful stainless steel blade swiftly combines, chops, or emulsifies substances, and the speed may be set between 3,000 and 15,000 rpm. Using the thumb drive variable speed dial, you may change the speed of the mixer at any time without having to move your hand from the blender or halt the process. In addition, the protective guard around the blade provides additional safety and helps maintain the ingredients in their proper place. a dozen “With the detachable stainless steel shaft, you can use any size shaft you want (sold separately).

The ergonomic grip on the shafts is user-friendly, allowing you to safely position your hands in the best position for a comfortable experience when operating this blender. The blender base’s ergonomic handle and light-touch controls allow the user to comfortably place their hand in a variety of settings. This blender has a rocker switch that allows you to hold it in either direction while still blending your goods comfortably.

You can easily hang your immersion blender from the accompanying wall-mount hook thanks to its wide handle. Using the handle, the cord can be wrapped around it and connected to the base of the device. The replaceable cord, which is bright yellow for optimal visibility, also serves to extend the life of the blender. You must have a 120V outlet to use this device.


  • Immersion Blenders from the BigRigTM Family
  • Designed specifically for cooks and food service professionals.
  • It’s easy to blend, chop, puree, and emulsify with the Hamilton Beach Commercial® BigRigTM range of immersion blenders.
  • Comfort and convenience are provided in a busy commercial kitchen by the ergonomic handle and patent-pending color-coded ThumbDriveTM variable speed dial.
  • BigRigTM allows you to make a huge batch of your favorite recipes without having to compromise on quality or time, all while making fewer pots to clean!
  • 406mm / 16 in shaft
  • Variable speed control Dial with ThumbDriveTM
  • The heavy-duty structure ensures long-lasting performance.
  • A whisk is available as an add-on.
  • 120V and 230V models are available.

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2. Hamilton beach 2 speed hand blender 


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This inexpensive immersion blender is ideal for blending softer items such as soups, shakes, whipped cream, and salad dressings. In spite of its relatively low power, it is able to mix a whole pot of soup in less than 90 seconds. Both speeds (high and low) are controlled by large buttons that are simple to press.

If you’re looking for a small batch immersion blender that’s easy to operate in a shallow container, this is the best option. Food processor accessories are dishwasher safe, as well as a whisk and whisk handle. It’s worth noting that the blending attachment is not as strong as other models, and the plastic handle is large and slick, making it difficult to grip.


  • Reasonable price.
  • The motor has a 225-watt rating.
  • high and low speeds
  • Easy to clean with a detachable shaft.
  • It comes with a whisk and a chopper attachment.
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • One-year warranty


  • Design that is both traditional and massive
  • It’s not clear if the beaker or the chopper are BPA-free.
  • Your pan could be damaged by the bell guard.
  • For hard work, this is not the best option.
  • The wand length is short.
  • Can’t make drinkable smoothies

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3. Hamilton beach turbo-twister 2 speed hand blender (59770) 


Image Credit: Amazon

With this Hamilton Beach 2 Speed Hand Blender, which is portable and easy to use, you can easily combine your batters and cake mixes. Made in the United States Extra blending wands with two speeds are available in the following colors: white and black. 

As a result, there is no need for a hefty mixer and bowl with the 200-watt hand-held blender from Hamilton Beach. Drinks may be blended in a glass, soups can be pureed in a pot, and cream can be whipped in a portable bowl. Two attachments are included with the blender: a stainless steel whisk and a sharp-bladed wand with a protective plastic cover. The blender is ideal for making small batches and is ideal for use in a holiday home. Both attachments are easily detachable for washing by simply twisting them off the power handle. It has a five-foot chord and a two-speed button on the power handle. The hand blender comes with a one-year warranty.

About this item

  • Hand blender with two attachments and two speeds (200 watts).
  • Soups are pureed using the blender wand, and milkshakes are whipped with the whipping wand.
  • This stainless-steel whisk is ideal for whipping batters and creams.
  • A cord with an additional 5-foot length.
  • Clean and simple to use.

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4. Hamilton beach 59762 2 speed hand blender


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When it comes to chopping, blending, or whipping, the Hamilton Beach Two-Speed Hand Blender is ideal. As you cook, you don’t need to use different mixing bowls because of this helpful gadget. Using the Hamilton Beach hand blender, you’ll be able to whip cream, puree soups, and more with the stainless-steel whisk and blending wand. Dishwasher-safe attachments are included with the blender, making cleanup a breeze.

The easy-grip design of this compact hand blender with two speeds makes it easy to control without slipping. It also has a robust 225-watt motor that can perform all of the functions of a standard countertop blender. This item may be used to make nutritious blended soups, fruit drinks, and more. While the blender is operating, you can adjust and position it to get rid of any lumps or chunks.

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Key Features of the Hamilton Beach Hand Blender:

VERSATILE & MULTIFUNCTIONAL: This blender can combine a salad dressing, scramble eggs, purée tomatoes for a sauce, or even whip cream! It’s a one-stop-shop for everything from purees to whipped cream.

BLEND IN THE POT:  Stick blenders allow you to quickly and easily puree or blend food right in the pot, pan, dish, or cup. There’s no need to dirty plates by transferring food to the blender. It can be used in a variety of ways.

POWERFUL BLENDING PERFORMANCE:  This immersion hand blender’s 225 watts of peak power and stainless steel attachments make it ideal for creating pancake batter or pureeing cooked veggies for soup.

CLEANING IS EASY: The Hamilton Beach blender attachments are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.  

INCLUDES 2 ATTACHMENTS: There are two attachments that come with the hand blender, which makes it more versatile.

Why Hamilton Beach Blender?

Hamilton Beach is a well-known company that produces dependable kitchen equipment all around the world.

But now we’ll talk about some of the greatest immersion blenders, which are both elegant and durable and are known for producing smooth and flawlessly blended drinks.

Hamilton Beach blenders are diverse and dynamic; you’ll discover practically every type of blender that can serve ice drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, and soups to perfection.

Each blender class has its own distinctive features that set it apart from the others. Let’s have a look at how some of the greatest Hamilton Beach hand blenders differ in terms of their features and functionalities.


Hamilton Beach blenders come in a variety of sizes and power levels, ranging from 175 to 1800 watts. Stronger and longer-lasting power means better performance that doesn’t have to be interrupted.

Personal blenders, on the other hand, offer a power range of 175 to 300 watts and are usually used by singles or health enthusiasts who want to enjoy fresh smoothies or milkshakes on the way. Between 500 and 1400 watts are the most often used blenders in the kitchen.

These blenders are primarily used by housewives or cooks to complete their regular cooking tasks. Hamilton Beach blenders are known for their exceptional quality and versatility, and these are no exception.

The most powerful blenders for chefs or commercial users are between 1500 and 1800 watts. It is expected that these blenders would perform exceptionally well because of their solid construction and long-lasting machinery.


The Hamilton Beach blenders are more than just a blender. However, it is dependent on the users’ goals. Hamilton Beach blenders can mix, puree, blend, chop, or liquefy a wide range of items.

It is possible to replace any high-performance food processor with some superior versions that have increased capabilities, speed, and other attachments.


Most Hamilton Beach commercial-grade blenders have a capacity of 32 to 64 ounces. Traditional blenders can hold anywhere from 40 to 52 ounces, while the greatest single-serve blenders can hold anywhere from 14 to 20 ounces.

The majority of Hamilton Beach’s commercial blenders have capacities of 32 to 64 ounces.


All blenders have several speed functions, ranging from 2 to 10. Two-speed personal blenders are common, although four-speed domestic and commercial blenders are far more common.


Produced from plastic Compact, durable, and easy to use, Hamilton Beach blenders are a great choice for those who want a blender that can go anywhere with them.

The Hamilton Beach glass models, on the other hand, are more fragile but can last for years with good maintenance.


The greatest personal blenders under $30 are available if you are seeking a budget-friendly blender. Traditional models range from $30 to $250. Blenders that are premium or commercial-grade are always costly, ranging from $300 to $1,000.

To their customers, Hamilton Beach is committed to give products that are precisely constructed and well tested.

Many firms or brands outsource the quality control process, but Hamilton Beach has set aside a place just for testing their products, suggesting improvements, and developing customer guidelines to ensure that all of their products are capable of delivering what they promise.

What are the best uses for hand blenders?

If you’ve ever used a standard blender, you’ll know that electric hand blenders and immersion blenders are completely different. They may appear to be small or single-unit, yet they operate just as well as other standard mixing devices. It’s fantastic kitchen equipment that can be used for a number of cooking and pantry jobs, such as chopping and blending. Let’s take a look at how hand blenders may make our culinary routines run more smoothly.

Smoothies and Milkshakes Preparation

If you want a smooth smoothie or a creamy milkshake, an electric hand blender is superior than a manual one. It’s an excellent tool for giving your drinks a thoroughly whipped finish.

Whipping Eggs

Have you ever used a hand blender to whip omelet eggs? If you haven’t tried it yet, you should; there’s no comparison between uniformly mixed yolks and whites and those whisked using a spoon or fork.

Batter Blending

Batter mixing is a critical stage; a single misstep could jeopardize the entire cake or cooked dish. For evenly mixed ingredients, an electric hand blender is preferable to a countertop or manual hand blender.


In a countertop blender, pureeing hot soups and veggies can be a nightmare, but the best hand blender can handle it with ease.

Creamy Whipped

Whipping homemade cream with a hand blender or a regular mixer can be difficult, but a hand blender can produce a flawless batch of whipped cream in only a few minutes.

Salad Dressing

A salad dressing can be made in a moment with the use of a hand mixer. 

What Should You Know Before Buying a Hand Blender?

The Power of the Motor

In a blender, the engine is the most vital component. If you are looking for an excellent countertop blender or a high-quality single-serve blender, power is always an important consideration.

A hand blender’s maximum power is 300 watts. So, if you need a blender to do basic kitchen duties like blending, whipping, or chopping, a 200-watt motor would be enough. When it comes to a machine that can break down frozen fruit, you’ll need more power.


More speed functions are not available on hand blenders. Most hand blenders come with two speeds, one high and one low, so a three-speed option is rare. Check out the premium class hand blenders if you are searching for advanced and various speed settings.

Additional Attachments

Blenders come with a variety of attachments, including additional cups, whisks, and blades. Although it raises the overall cost, they make the mixing process quite easy. If you’re looking for the best single-serve blender, you don’t need any extra attachments or extras.

The Buying Guide for Hand Blenders

The more speed variations you can make, the more control you’ll have over the final outcome. Some blenders have 15 different settings. It’s time to start cleaning up after your blending activity. Check to see if it’s dishwasher safe before you buy.

When operating a hand mixer, the handle is the most important point of touch, thus it should be comfortable. A rubberized grip makes mixing simple, but a large handle may be too difficult to hold for persons with little hands. The Braun Multiquick Hand Blender includes an ergonomically designed handle for maximum comfort. However, you may find that the buttons on that mixer require a lot of force, which can rapidly become irritating. Because the power buttons are situated very high, you may have difficulty reaching them as easily as you would on other mixers.

Spattering is a common problem with mixers. You don’t want cake batter strewn around your kitchen, so look for a blender that can keep things contained. The Braun Multiquick Hand Blender is designed to minimize cleanup by preventing spattering.

After mixing, the arm should be easily removable for cleaning. The speed at which you may acquire results is directly related to the motor’s power. Some models have a power output of 280 watts, whereas others only have a power output of 200 watts.

Your blender’s design can have a huge impact on how versatile it is. Lighter models can handle your favorite mixed drink, but thicker foods like shakes and soups require more weight. Stainless steel blades offer not just excellent blending performance but also long-term durability. Some models allow you to customize your attachments, but each one may come at an additional cost.

Some mixers include a blending cup, which might be useful. You should buy such a blender that has the capacity to chop herbs, nuts, or cheeses in addition to their 42-ounce container. 

When purchasing a hand mixer, price is also a factor to consider. Whatever your demands are, you’ll be able to discover a hand blender within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best hand blender?

When it comes to durability and convenience, both the Hamilton Beach blender and the Hamilton Beach personal blender are regarded.

What is a hand blender for?

A hand blender is a useful kitchen tool for performing tiny blending activities such as beating eggs, creating smoothies or shakes, whipping cream, and blending dough, among other things.

How many watts should a hand blender have?

Some of the greatest Hamilton Beach hand blenders are available with a power of 175 watts.

But if you are searching for something more durable, you should go with an energy capacity of between 200 and 300 watts.

Can you use a hand blender for mashed potatoes?

A hand blender may be used to make mashed potatoes, according to experts and personal blender evaluations.

Adding milk and butter helps ensure that your mashed potatoes have a smooth and creamy texture.

Can a hand blender chop vegetables?

Yes, you may use the hand blenders cutting attachment to chop different vegetables and onions.


We hope that this Hamilton beach immersion blender review on 4 different models may help you to choose the best one as per your requirements. The quality of these presented models of Hamilton is outstanding of which evidence can be found in the customer review of different e-commerce sites.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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