Does wattage matter for blenders? pick wattage as needed

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At the time of buying or before buying a blender or at the time of planning to buy a blender, sometimes a question like ‘Does wattage matter for blenders indeed’ may rotate in your mind. In order to make you clear in this regard, I will try in this article today.

First of all, I like to give you the answer to the above question (Does wattage matter for blenders?)

Does wattage matter for blenders?

The answer to the above question(Does wattage matter for blenders) is – Yes, wattage matters for blenders always.

But, why?

To be clear in this regard (Does wattage matter for blenders), please read the article in detail-

You may have known that blender power is measured in watts. The more the wattage is, the more powerful the blender will be. If you want to have super smooth blended foodstuffs of hard items like vegetables, ice, and grains, you should buy the blender with the highest wattage.

In general, blenders are available with different watts ( from 200 to 1500 watt blenders). If you want to do the hard task like crashing ice with a less powered blender( blender with the lowest wattage ), somehow you may do the work but in the long run, your blender will not last long. Whether a blender with less wattage will be able to do your specific tasks, it depends on how long, how many watts does a blender use, and how often your blender is used regularly.

For example, if you need to make a smoothie several times in a week then you should buy a blender with a minimum of 600 watts.

By reading the above discussion, you may have understood that ” how to choose blender watts” according to task type.

A discussion about different wattage of blenders for different specific tasks has been presented below for your convenience so that you may choose the right blender with the right wattage for your specific task:


Just below each discussion on the specific wattage of the blender, one or two best blender models of specific wattage of several renowned brands available in the market have been also presented.

1. Blender with 600 to 700 Watts:

You cannot make any smoothie without any powerful blender with the right consistency. Blender with 600 to 700 Watts is capable enough to make smoothies with the right consistency. Blender with less than 600 watts may make smoothies but it may be ruin anytime. So, to be safe, you should buy the blender with minimum 600 Watts.

Some best blenders of 600 to 700 Watts-

Nutribullet nutrition extractor

As a blender of 600W, this Nutribullet 600w nutrient extractor blender is suitable for your above-desired tasks. In the blender market, this brand(Nutribullet Nbr-0601 nutrient extractor, 600w, gray) has enough reputation. To achieve your desired goal this can be collected for your kitchen.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Enough user friendly
  • Made of SS
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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 2. Blender with 500 to 600 Watts:

It seems that crushing ice is easy. But the reality is reverse completely. Crushing ice with a low-powered blender is very difficult. So, in order to crush ice, you have to buy a blender with 500 to 600 Watts by which crushing ice is very easy. You may crush the ice with the blender of low Watts as well but it will not last long.

Some best blenders of 500 to 600 Watts-

Blender smoothie fochea


In order to blender wattage for ice, you have to use a blender with 500 to 600 Watts. Otherwise, you can’t achieve your goals. To do the above tasks you may collect this Fochea 500W Personal Blender.


  • Fochea blender smoothie maker has come with a powerful motor
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy clean
  • Available with 20oz travel bottles
  • Blade base is interchangeable

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3. Blender with 450 to 500 Watts:

Most of the blenders for kitchens are made with 450 to 500 Watts which is sufficient for daily blending tasks.  So, if you are looking for a blender that will be used in your kitchen only then you can buy the blender with 450 to 500 Watts of any renowned brand.

Some best blenders of 450 to 500 Watts-

Ninja blender/food processor with 450-watt base 48oz


For non-commercial use, this ninja blender and Food Processor with 450-Watt is good enough.  In the blender world, the Ninja blender machine is leading the market with good quality kitchen appliances for a long time. For home use, a blender should be within 450 to 500 Watts. You should know that the more the wattage is, the higher price will be. If you know- which wattage is suitable for which task then why will spend much money in vain to buy a blender for your kitchen? So, It can be said that to do your above task Ninja blender/food processor qb1004 is more than enough.


  • Comes with 16oz Chopper Bowl, 48oz Pitcher, and 40oz Processor Bowl for Shakes
  • The body of this Ninja qb1004 blender is made of plastic.
  • Blades are made of SS
  • Free from BPA
  • Dimensions: 48 Ounces

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4. Handheld blenders with 150 to 300 Watts:

Most of the handheld blenders are made with 150 to 300 Watts. And if you purchase a handheld blender with 200 watts of any renowned brand, it will be more than sufficient for any household task. Blender with low wattage is not always bad. It should be mentioned here that comparatively, blenders with lower wattage like immersion blender can perform well.

Blender of 300-watts is suitable for softer foodstuffs like papaya and tomatoes.

Some best blenders of 150 to 300 Watts:

Cuisinart csb-75bc smart stick 200 watt 2 speed hand blender


This blender is good enough to satisfy you in your kitchen. Another name of hand blender is Stick blender or immersion blender. These types of blenders have a long stick-like shaft that a user can hold with his hand and blend any soft foodstuffs in any container. No container is given with hand blenders. So, you can use it(Cuisinart Csb-75bc smart stick 200 watt) in any container.


  • Comes with a plastic body and SS blades
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Comes with two different speeds – low and high
  • Easy to wash.

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5. Blender over 700 watts:

If you want to blend any hard foodstuff into minuscule grains then you should buy a   blender over 700 watts of any renowned brand. This type of best high-power blender can give a better performance which is impossible by any blender with less than 700 watts. Though these kind of blenders are expensive but works well for a long time.

Some best blenders of over 700 watts:

a. Oster 6647 10-speed blender


Almost all hard foodstuff is possible to be blended by this Oster 6647 Blender with 700 watts. This one should be used for non-commercial purposes. This Oster 6647 10-speed blender white comes with a high-power motor that is able to make smoothies, milkshakes, and crush ice or any hard foodstuff.


  • Durable
  • Comes with different speeds
  • Blades are made of SS( stainless steel)
  • Its jar is made of glass and it is dishwasher safe.
  • Available at a reasonable price.

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b. Bella rocket extract pro personal blender

This Bella 13984 rocket extract pro personal blender is another good blender with 700 watts in the blender market which is suitable for your kitchen. This Bella extract pro blender model is also able to do all hard tasks for your kitchen like other blenders with 700 watts.


  • This Counter-top blender allows to blends directly in glass to make smoothies and frozen drinks
  • Quickly softens and extracts nutrients from foodstuffs
  • Its grinding blade for nuts, spices, and coffee beans are better than that of other blenders with less than 700 watt
  • Comes with a 700W motor and stainless steel blades which can crush ice easily
  • Travel lid allows you to take drinks to the gym or work
  • Tumblers are free from BPA
  • Glass and lids are dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 12”x8.7”x8.4”; 6.4lb

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6. Blender of 880 or above Watt:

Blenders of 880 or above Watt are considered as commercial blenders for smoothies.  This type of blender is a little bit expensive than other blenders for your kitchen. So, these kinds of blenders are strongly recommended for commercial use. But, you can use this type of blender for your beloved kitchen as well. In that case, your blender will last longer than any non-commercial blender.

Some best blenders of 880 or above Watt

a. Blendtec original blender


Blendtec total classic original blender – fourside jar (75 oz) is a powerful commercial quality blender. It( Blendtec total classic original blender with fourside jar) comes with 1,560 Watts and a 3 HP Motor. These kinds of blenders are suitable for commercial use which can be used for making smoothies.


  • Its SS blades can rotate at up to 29,000 rpm
  • Easy to blend Frozen fruit and ice cubes
  • Can even make hot soup
  • Can be used at Smoothie Shops like Jamba Juice
  • Available with 64 ounces Triton Polyester Plastic Jar which is BPA Free
  • Pre-Programmed Buttons allow to make Sauces, Dips, Hot Soup, Smoothies, Milkshakes, and more
  • It is giving a warranty for 7 year

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b. Vitamix e310 explorian blender professional-grade 48 oz


As a blender Vitamix e310 explorian series blender is a powerful blender. This Vitamix e310 explorian blender professional-grade also can be used for a home that can make smoothies perfectly and can cut frozen fruit and ice cubes as well.


  • Comes with five years warranty
  • Blades are made of SS.
  • Rotates fast
  • Can make hot soup even
  • Available with a 48-ounce plastic container(BPA-free )
  • Its container has got marking to measure the liquid.
  • Comes with 10 different speeds.
  • Recipe cookbook is given along with this Explorian Vitamix e310 blender

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By reading the above discussion on blenders watt, I think that you may have got the answer to the above question like ‘Does wattage matter for blenders indeed’ by this time. If you have any query in this regard then don’t hesitate to leave your question in the comment box.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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