That 6 best travel coffee grinder can give you home feelings

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Are you looking for the best travel coffee grinder to make great outdoor coffee? If yes then you have come to the right place to get the right information. In order to buy the best travel coffee grinder, you have to give importance on its some features which are very essential for any best travel coffee grinder.

The travel coffee grinder has got some amazing features and it can produce freshly ground coffee anytime, anywhere. This article analyzes the best features of the best portable coffee grinder and provides useful reviews on travel grinders so that you can choose the best travel coffee grinder for you.

Finding an affordable best camping coffee grinder is a bit difficult. The different features, functions, and functions of each grinder mean that there are many products to choose from. To help you in this regard, we have selected some best travel coffee grinders, so that you will be able to choose the most suitable one for your next tour.

Important features of travel coffee grinders to consider

a. Silicone seals

Some grinders are equipped with silicone seals to preserve the aroma of coffee beans. Coffee may go stale very rapidly, especially when traveling. The silicone sealed grinder prevents this problem and keeps the coffee fresh and drinkable.

b. Easy to maintain

The materials used in the grinder can increase usability on the way. Easy-to-maintain materials (such as silicone and stainless steel) increase the efficiency of usability. The main body of the grinder should also be easy to disassemble during the cleaning process. These features can help you maintain perfectly the appliance while hiking and camping.

c. Lightweight materials

When hiking, be sure to check the total weight of the products that you intend to use and the space that will be taken up in the backpack. The best manual coffee grinder should be made of lightweight materials so that other coffee appliances, like camping coffee machines, pour-over coffee machines, milk frothers, or French travel presses can be carried as well easily.

d. Easy storage facility

Your desired best coffee grinder should be easy to store, such as – be sure whether its top handle is foldable or detachable.

In this article, some best travel coffee grinder have been selected to review. The best travel coffee grinder that has been selected here have most of the above features and a large number of positive customer reviews and higher rating ( 4+ stars out of 5 stars )

The 6 best travel coffee grinder

1. Javapresse manual coffee grinder settings


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This gorgeous and incredible Javapresse manual burr coffee grinder is made of brushed stainless steel and offers over 18 settings to give you full control over the grinding of coffee beans. The handle is stable, quiet, and comfortable so that you can grind the coffee bean on the way or at any camping.

This high-quality Javapresse manual grinder has been designed to last for five times longer than other similar (traditional stainless steel grinder) grinders.

This small Java press coffee grinder is very suitable for plane journeys, long-distance travel, and even hiking. Javapresse manual coffee grinder espresso is energy-efficient and quiet enough. You may be amazed to hear it that – no matter where you are, you can grind coffee beans perfectly with this manual burr coffee grinder Javapresse appliance.


  • Suitable coffee grinder for travel
  • Durable ceramic sanding machine.
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheap


  • Little crushing capacity
  • Traditional metallic handle.

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2. Silva Manual Coffee Grinder


Image credit: Amazon

This best manual coffee grinder for espresso has a built-in adjustable switch that helps you find the ideal coarseness in 18 clicks settings. Small in size, completely compact, and no battery required, this is an excellent grinder for those who want to enjoy quality coffee during their next camping, long trip, or outdoor trip.

These parts are made of high-quality stainless steel and ceramic burrs and are designed to provide sufficient strength, to protect itself from rust, and to give strength to withstand general erosion. Due to the manual control, this coffee grinder is much quieter than an electric coffee grinder.

This cheap travel coffee grinder is suitable for anyone who wants to brew French press, espresso, Turkish coffee, Chemex, Keurig K Cup, Percolator, or AeroPress coffee.


  • Built-in adjustable switch
  • Cheap
  • No battery required
  • Has been made of high-quality stainless steel and ceramic burrs
  • It is quieter than an electric coffee grinder

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3. Hario mini mill plus


Image credit: Amazon

Although this Hario mini slim plus manual coffee grinder is small, its capability is outstanding. The new and improved design provides a unique and hexagonal adapter that can improve grinding uniformity and reduce wear and tear at the time of grinding coffee beans.

You can easily customize the setting to get your right grinding coarseness as per your expectation. You can choose from coarse grinded French press to an ultra-smooth Turkish blend. And all these are possible with this Hario ceramic coffee mill mini plus grinder which is a little bit impossible with other traditional coffee grinders available in markets.

Its(Hario mini mill slim plus espresso) compact, lightweight, and ultra-thin design makes it an ideal choice for high-quality coffee on the way, ideal for long-distance travel, hiking, even at work or away from home. It can be used to make up to 2 cups of delicious coffee and can be stored without a handle. This Hario mini slim manual coffee grinder is also easy to store even on the way.


  • Compact design
  • Hario coffee grinder mini slim plus is small in size
  • It can reduce wear and tear while grinding coffee beans.
  • Its setting can be customized as per requirement
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Up to 2 cups of delicious coffee can be made easily
  • Can be stored without any handle
  • Can even easily be stored on the way

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4. Porlex mini stainless steel grinder


Image credit: Amazon

The  Porlex stainless steel coffee grinder is still one of the most popular portable coffee grinder on the market. The latest version of the handle connector has been improved to prevent wear and slippage. The perfectly round ceramic burr ensures consistent grindings in all settings.

Its stainless steel (SS) outer case is very easy to clean, durable, and flexible, so this Porlex mini portable hand grinder is very suitable for use on the way. The new handle has been redesigned specifically for super-smooth grindings. This Porlex mini hand grinder can be adjusted by rotating the nut at the bottom to find the perfect setting for specific grinding.

This Porlex mini espresso coffee grinder is packed in a rubber bag for easy storage during transportation so that you will be able to take it with you on your next trip, vacation, or business trip.


  • Very popular Porlex mini ii manual coffee grinder on the market
  • Easy to clean
  • Very durable and flexible
  • Its settings can be customized as per requirement
  • It is packed in a rubber bag for easy storage during carrying

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5. Hario skerton coffee grinder


Image credit: Amazon

The famous Hario Skerton ceramic coffee grinder is still one of the most popular grinders on the market. It can provide an unparalleled taste for fresh coffee lovers, you can get the perfect grinding effect anytime, anywhere.

Ceramic burrs of this high-quality coffee grinder are stronger than traditional steel burrs, and in order to get the perfect size of grinded coffee beans, its setting can be adjusted easily. This Hario Skerton ceramic grinder with creative design is small enough by which you will be able to grind your coffee bean with your desired flavor as per expectation. And these features made this Hario mill Skerton coffee grinder different from other similar coffee grinders. This is how this appliance(Skerton Hario ceramic coffee mill-manual grinder ) can make your journey more enjoyable.


  • Hario skerton coffee mill can grind a large volume of coffee beans
  • Skerton coffee grinder comes with an ergonomic handle for easy use
  • It ceramic burr is capable to grind coffee bean properly as needed


  • The bottom of the glass needs extra protection during the journey

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6. lucky & son manual coffee grinder


Image credit: Amazon

This adjustable coffee grinder has got 18 individual button settings to help you find the ideal blend. Precise settings can provide precise grinded coffee, and its Collapsible Silicone Funnel and Silicone Protection Ring protect coffee spilling from containers while the coffee grinding machine is running.

With its superior quality and compact design, this grinder can give you freshly grinded coffee anytime, anywhere without a battery or power cord. It is also very compact and can be carried with you during your next long trip, camping or vacation. This is a small coffee grinder that can be used at home and on the kitchen counter as well.


  • Its setting can be adjusted easily
  • It has come with 18 individual button settings
  • Coffee spilling from containers can be protected while the coffee grinding machine is running.
  • Compact design
  • Fresh grinded coffee can be enjoyed instantly
  • No need to use a battery and power cord.

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How to choose the best coffee grinder for travel?

When choosing the most suitable grinder for your travel, please consider your intentions of travel. When traveling, the type of grinder should be selected on the basis of destination and your activities.

a. Light-weighted coffee grinder is suitable for an enthusiastic traveler

If you are an enthusiastic traveler, it is very important to choose light and portable products. The best travel coffee grinder is made of light materials.

b. Heavy coffee grinders are not a problem for camping

If you plan to use the grinder when camping, the weight may not matter. The best coffee grinders not only work routinely but can also be used when needed.

c. Grinder made of durable materials is suitable for long-term use

For long-term use, it is best to use such a coffee grinder which is made of durable materials like stainless steel. Long-term use also means that you can repair the grinder.

d. Simple design is always easy to clean

Some grinders are easy to clean, such as simple design and limited parts.

e. Choosing the coffee grinder for a specific flavor 

If you have any preferences for any specific flavor then you should select such a travel coffee grinder that can grind the coffee bean as per your desired flavor accurately.

f. Choosing the coffee grinder with adjusting knobs or keyboard

Most of the manual coffee grinders can be adjusted as per requirement, all adjustment facilities of these different grinders are not user-friendly equally. To make this procedure easy, some grinders are equipped with adjusting knobs.

In order to obtain more precise grinding, some products have a grinding function that can be adjusted using the keyboard. When choosing flavor preferences, adjustability must be considered.

g. Ceramic burrs secure the best aroma of coffee

In addition, ceramic burrs prevent the coffee beans from preheating and retain flavorful essential oils. The best aroma is obtained from the ceramic burr.

You can also buy a battery-operated coffee machine to avoid over brewing or under brewing coffee when camping.

Why do I need a coffee grinder?

A question may be raised in your mind that –since we can buy instant coffee from any supermarket, why do I need a coffee grinder?

Yes, this question is very logical. And it has logical answer as well.

The coffee grinder is able to change the flavor and aroma of the mixture and permanently improve the overall coffee experience.

For that reason, we should buy a coffee grinder have been mentioned below.

a. More delicious

Buying a coffee grinder for travel will not only make you feel like the king of your own coffee kingdom but it also means your desired coffee will be more delicious.

b. Essential oils and other chemical components

The taste of freshly ground coffee is much better than regular instant coffee. Part of the reason is that all essential oils and other chemical components can be better retained in freshly ground beans.

c. Fresh coffee flavor

Instant coffee loses many important compounds during the drying and freezing process, which means that the taste decreases during the brewing process. Actually, instant coffee begun to become stale from the date of keeping those in the supermarket shelf.

d. High-quality coffee

Instant coffee manufacturers usually use cheaper, lower-quality coffee beans like the popular Robusta coffee beans, which taste bitterer than aromatic coffee used for fresh coffee. When you grind it yourself, you have complete control over the used coffee beans, which means you can easily make the best beverage with these grinded coffee beans.

e. Burr Grinders vs. Blade Grinders – which one is better?

Once you decide to improve the quality of coffee, you will soon discover a world where different tastes and methods can make your favorite beverage as rich and smooth as possible.

In order to achieve the perfect blending effect, you can choose a burr grinder or a blade grinder, both of which provide the best quality grinded coffee.

Before deciding what to buy, here is a quick guide on the pros and cons of both:

f. Burr grinder

The Burr grinder has two sets of grinding surfaces called burrs. The tiny coffee is stuck between the grinding stones, The smaller the distance between them, the finer the grinded coffee will be.

The price of the burr grinders may be higher, but it is almost guaranteed that the burr grinders will be able to help you enjoy so delicious coffee, and each cup will give you a richer and fuller flavor.

g. Blade grinding machine

The central blade of the Blade grinding machine is similar to a food blender. The rotating blade cuts the beans into small pieces. This process also generates dust and makes the coffee bitter.

Frequently asked questions

a. Are hand coffee grinders better?

Many coffee experts believe that manual grinders are better than electric grinders. Because you can more easily control the grinding speed, which means that much less heat is generated during the grinding process. Manual coffee grinders also produce much less noise. But, comparatively electric grinder produces more bad sound and heat as well. Besides, manual coffee grinders are a bit cheaper than electric coffee grinders.

In the light of above points, it can be said that if you want to grind a small amount of coffee beans then manual coffee grinders are a bit better than electric coffee grinders but not suitable for heavy-duty.

b. what’s the difference between a burr grinder and blade grinder?

It is thought that Burr grinders are better, but they are more expensive than blade grinders. The blade grinder works in the same way as a food processor, and its blade can chop coffee beans. As a result, dust is produced by blade grinder while grinding and if coffee is prepared with this kind of grinded coffee, prepared coffee may be bitter

On the other hand, burr grinders use burrs, which are the grinding surface used to grind coffee beans. Burr grinders can provide more uniform grinded coffee, and the best grinders can provide up to 18 different grinding settings.

c. Is a coffee grinder useful for making better quality coffee?

It can be said that the coffee grinder is the most important equipment for producing high-quality coffee. The coffee grinder means by which you can make the most delicious coffee and can take a taste from most of the coffee beans In addition, the coffee grinder can control the grinding process well, which means you can improve the quality of your coffee according to your needs.

d. Are manual coffee grinders better than electric?

Manual coffee grinders are usually small and portable. It is considered as ideal for grinding coffee on the way. Although it takes a bit longer time to grind coffee beans with electric coffee grinders, the quality of grinded coffee by manual grinder is better than that of electric coffee grinders.

Manual grinders are comparatively cheaper than traditional electric grinders, but it has enough capability of increasing taste on grinded coffee beans. Because, at the time of grinding coffee beans, you can more control on your grinder machine to make perfect grinded coffee which is a bit impossible in an electric grinder.

In this context- it can be said that a manual grinder is better than an electric grinder if the quantity of coffee beans is less.

But, it should be mentioned here that if you want to grind a large quality of coffee beans then you should buy any electric coffee grinder of any renowned brand. Because a large quality of coffee beans can be grinded properly well with any electric coffee grinder of any renowned brand which is a bit impossible by annual coffee grinders.

So, it can be said that both manual grinders and electric grinders are necessary tools for grinding coffee beans and they both are better in their respective fields.

e.What’s the best hand coffee grinder?

The famous Hario Skerton grinder is still one of the most popular grinders on the market. It is able to provide an unparalleled fresh taste for coffee lovers. You can get the perfect grinded coffee with this coffee grinder machine anytime, anywhere.

And other ones enlisted in this list are not bad. They are able to give you good results in grinding coffee beans as per your expectation as well.


The portable travel grinders of different renowned brands that have been presented in this article all of them are good enough. Only the products having a large number of positive customer reviews and higher ratings are selected to review on our site. You would be surprised to know that on our site, only the products having higher rating (4+stars out of 5 stars) are selected for posting on our site. If any product has a rating less than 4 stars are not eligible to be presented on our site to review.

The 6 best travel coffee grinder that we have presented in this article, all of them have the higher rating and a large number of positive customer reviews. So, you do not have to be anxious about the quality of presented product in our article. Even after that, if you have any doubt in this regard then you may click on any of the above-related links to know more.

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