2 best commercial blenders for smoothies are durable -2023

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Commercial blenders are always expensive because of its powerful motor. That is why these types of commercial smoothie blender are rarely found in markets. If you are looking for commercial blenders for smoothies, then you have come to the right site. This article has been written on commercial blenders for smoothies so that at the time of buying or before planning to purchase this kind of products you can choose the right one for your specific purpose.

It should be mentioned here that commercial blenders are not only suitable for commercial purpose, but also these are suitable for your non-commercial tasks. If you buy commercial blender machine for your own kitchen tasks then you may be sure that this tool may last for long years than any other non-commercial blender machine.

It is true that any commercial blender machine is more expensive than that of any other non-commercial blender machine. But, these types of commercial blender machine are so durable and last for a long time than other traditional inexpensive blender machines.

Different types of blenders of different companies are available in the market, some of those may be perfect for non-commercial tasks but not suitable for commercial purposes. If you want to prepare smoothies commercially then you must need such a  blender which has the most powerful motor and a large container as well.

Some points to be considered before going to buy commercial blenders for smoothies those have been mentioned below for your convenience.

1. Power:

The blenders with higher engine power (ie, higher power and greater horsepower) can perform faster and create better blending results.

So, before buying commercial blenders for smoothies, you must give importance on the power of blenders.

2. Speed

Commercial blenders normally have different speeds because they are designed to aid cooking commercially. Some of them also have some preset options like specific times and speeds. They have been specially designed for different tasks  like making smoothies, ice crushing, and  preparing soup

So, before buying this kind of tool try to give importance on its built-in speed facility for smoothies.

3. Easy to clean

The easy cleaning procedure is also an important feature of a commercial blender. Before buying it try to be sure whether your desired tool is easy to clean.

4. Pitcher

The pitcher material of commercial blenders should be food-grade and durable as well. The container of the commercial blender should be big enough so that a quantity of smoothies can be prepared at a time.

If the above feature are seen in any blender than you may buy that for commercial purposes.

For this article, the 2 best commercial blenders for smoothies have been selected to review have most of the above features and higher rating ( 4+ stars out of 5 stars), and a large number of positive customer reviews.

That 2 best commercial blenders for smoothies are so durable and sell well have mentioned below:

1. Vitamix 36019 36019-1 vita-mix quiet one blender 48 oz, black


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This Vitamix Quiet One Blender (15-0469) 48 ounces is may be suitable for your commercial uses. The cleaning procedure of its container itself is easy. Wash with soap and water. Some people mix soap and water thoroughly at a certain speed. Wash off the soap and you are done. It’s simple.

The blade cannot be removed for separate cleaning. Be sure to wipe the blade after each use to ensure its long service life.

Although Vitamix The Quiet One 36019 Commercial blender is a commercial blender with silencers, many people still buy it to use at home or at work. Vitamix produces a special series of blenders called Silent. Once you start using this Vitamix The Quiet One On-Counter Model 36019 blender, you will understand why they call it so. More than 50% lower silent than any blender available in markers. It is suitable for use at home as well.

For commercial use, Vitamix commercial blender the quiet one is noisier than other commercial blenders when mixing certain ingredients (such as ice and solid foodstuffs).

It is a commercial blender. Using Vitamix 15-0469 is easy. Plug it in, press the power button to turn it on, wait for the screen to display until it is ready, and then select a setting. That’s all and nothing else.


  • It is easy to clean
  • This special Vitamix Quiet One has a solid structure.
  • Ensures the quality and stability of the blender itself.
  • As mentioned, the blades are not movable, which is disadvantageous for cleaning but is advantageous for safety reasons.
  • They are unlikely to be loose or go wrong, which can make machines out of order.


  • The only disadvantage of this blender is its blades are immovable.
  • If you don’t wipe the blade after every use, all this will make the cleaning process lengthy.
  • In addition, many buyers complained that this particular model is not as quiet as other Vitamix models.

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2. Blendtec pro 800 blender


Image credit: Amazon

Blendtec professional 800 blender with wildside+ jar is a commercial quality blender designed specifically for your kitchen. Having a commercial blender with powerful functions, speed, and lower sound can be so helpful for your kitchen. Smoothies and iced beverages made by this Blendtec pro 800 tool are really delicious.

Cleaning couldn’t be easier. The manufacturer designed the Pro 900 with a cleaning button. When you press the cleaning button, it(blender Blendtec professional 800) involves cleaning the blade, jar/container, and lid. To clean the touch screen, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

This is one of the most powerful blenders available in the markets.

Blendtec blender professional 800 is equipped with a touch slider that allows you to easily adjust 11 different speed settings. It has 6 reprogrammed loops, which you can customize according to your preferences. If you still need help for making drinks, soups, and other recipes that can be also possible by this Blendtec pro 800 with wildside jar blender. The purchased product comes with its own recipe book that helps you to make different smoothies easily.

Don’t forget the online BlendTec wizard, which allows you to personalize your blender operation.


  • The easy-to-use guide included with each purchase will help you if you have any questions in this regard.
  • Also, when the lid is closed, it fits your closet.
  • In case of any malfunction, please don’t forget about its 10-year warranty. You are always allowed to go to the manufacturer with any problem.


  • This commercial blender is large enough. For this reason, it occupies a large space. If your rack space is insufficient then you may have to face a bit problem with it for storage.
  • This Blendtec Pro 800 blender is so quiet.
  • In addition, you can not remove the soundproof cover for cleaning.

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Till now, we have found these 2 best commercial blenders for smoothies in different markets which have higher rating ( 4+ stars out of 5 stars) and a large number of positive customer reviews. In near future, if we find any more commercial blender for the same purpose which has a higher rating (4+ stars out of 5 stars) and a large number of positive customer reviews then we will include that in this article as early as possible.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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